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Theatre Performance 2015


Al Zenzalakht (scientifically known as the Melia Azedarach) is a play written in the 1960's by the Lebanese playwright, Issam Mahfouz, who was highly renowned for his political sting in his texts. This play deals with a main character, Saadoun, who finds himself surrounded by a colonel who believes is a judge, a writer who knows his relationship to her sister, a lawyer who claims is his relative, alleged witnesses, clowns, and beggars. All he wanted was to get past the door he relentlessly knocks, for someone to open it, to release him from the trial of a crime he was accused of, that is yet to be revealed throughout the fragmented scenes of the play. The problem was, he was the only one sane enough to know that everyone else wasn't. Directed by Charles Dik.

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